How to Play:


You earn points by placing the correct number in a green cipher box. The points earned depends on how many tries it takes you to get the correct number.

+10 number solved on the first try
+8 number solved on the second try
+6 number solved on the third try
+2 number solved after that


You incur intrusions whenever you get a wrong number or when a number falls off the bottom of the screen. Intrusions don't count against your score, but when you reach the intrusion limit, the game ends.

In a Crypto game, the limit is 50 intrusions in one level.

In a Hack game, the limit is 10 intrusions in one level.

The intrusion count is reset when you advance to a new level.

Bonus Points

If you solve a number on the first try, your intrusion count is reduced by one.

If you complete a level with 0 intrusions, you earn bonus points: 10 points times the current sector number. (Sector 1 = levels 1-4, Sector 2 = levels 5-9, etc.) For example, the bonus for no intrusions in Sector 4 is 40 points.

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